The Company

The history of the crossbowmen in Lucca was born once again in 1970 when a group of friends, eager to re-discover the glories of the town’s past, established the company of the crossbowmen with the aim of reviving the antique “Palio della Balestra” played constantly in Lucca between the 12th and the 17th century.

Success came immediately thanks to the effective co-operation with the town mayor Giovanni Martinelli. The group became soon acquainted and appreciated both in Italy and abroad also thanks to various international tours in: Montecarlo, Reims, London, Lyon, Berlin, Bavaria, Thune, etc.

The company of the crossbowmen organises historical re-enactments, amongst which the Palio of San Paolino. However, it does not overlook to participate actively to the town’s life with exhibitions, conferences, concerts and lessons of medieval history.

Since some years, the association has received the prestigious award of his merits with the appointment of “Official Representative of the town of Lucca” by the municipal administration and was allocated the prestigious Casermetta del Baluardo di San Pietro, which is used as headquarter with the adjacent covered field of archery (set underground to one of the bastions of the urban walls) and the one uncovered (located on the terraced area of the bastion).

Nowadays, the groups who form the association are made of: Crossbow archers and Flag-wavers, musicians, armored and duellists, and Renaissance dance.